Friday, January 17, 2014

Wood Burning Anyone?

Hello Everyone!

I have decided that I want to branch out a little bit, and get a little more creative with my blog about creativity! I have decided to start trying new craft ideas, some more elaborate ones, unique ones, and maybe even a few recipes to help with your creative juices and to give you some new fun ideas. Still with me? I hope so!

Today's post will be a definite baby step, but it is a new skill I have been working at and I'm loving it! For Christmas, my husband, knowing that I was looking for something new, bought me a wood burning set! He is just the sweetest. :)

Now mind you, I have only been at this for less than a month so no judging, but I have decided to show you some of my favorites so far.
The whole gang.


Just some good ole' Sweet Home Alabama

And my personal favorite, a welcome home from work present for my husband since Superman is his "thing":

Not bad eh? I know they are a little rough, but hey it's a start! 

By the way I totally recommend this hobby to any and all pyros like myself, or just any crafters looking for a super fun change, just careful not to burn yourself! I will post some new masterpieces every now and then to help with simple, and I mean simple, beginner ideas so that we can learn together. My first tip, draw your design with a pencil on the wood and then trace over it, it saves lots of mistakes!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Those are super cute! I've never tried wood burning....looks fun :)